Why do you need a storage unit?

Everyone needs a storage unit from time to time, whether it’s while you wait for your new home to be ready or while you renovate your current home. Moving your belongings to a new space can present several challenges, including safety issues and potential damages to your belongings. 

Through our partnership with Stor-age, here are reasons you may need a storage unit and here’s how we help:


Storage Units provide More space

Do you need to free up some space? A storage unit gives you the freedom to store your appliances, files, seasonal items, camping goods and furniture. What’s more is that we provide you with the option to choose the amount of space you need, whether it be a single unit, a double unit, or more, and a flexible-term contract. Storage terms are entirely flexible, putting you in control to choose anything from one week to a 12-month+ contract.


Storage Units Reduce clutter

Not all of us are cut out to be the next Marie Kondo. Before we know it, we have more things than we know what to do with. If you’re not quite ready to get rid of things, a storage unit gives you the ability to declutter and clear your living space – without having to deal with the potential anxiety of letting any of your belongings go. 


Storage Units Keep your property safe 

With sole access to your storage unit, plus CCTV cameras, electric fencing and 24-hour guarding services, you’ll have complete peace of mind that your belongings are safe for however long you need them to be.



With so many storage locations across the city, you get to choose the location that is right for you, allowing you quick access to your belongings as you need them.


At LoadALot, we take the stress out of moving. We offer packing, storage, moving and cleaning services. Get an instant quote here.

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