Packing your belongings for moving

For some, packing may be the most overwhelming part of moving. Eliminate the stress and save time with the LoadAlot full packing service option. No matter the size of your move or the destination, our packing crew can take care of this task, so you don’t have to.

Here’s how we help:


A professional boxing service

We understand the complexities involved in boxing for a move, and through the years, we have learned a few tricks. We are geared with everything we need to get you safely and securely packed up, while our partnership with Ecobox ensures that your belongings are securely moved in sturdy plastic moving boxes. 

Our professional teams are not only experts in home moving but also know how to ensure your belongings are safe and secure during the entire process. Whether you’re moving pictures and other speciality items, or dishes and clothes, our team will pack away your items and keep them protected.


Personalised boxing 

Boxing smart is vital for any move. We know that when you’re fully prepared and packed before move day arrives, it can eliminate much of the stress that goes with moving. That’s why our professional team provides customised packing services. Whether you need a little packed or an entire home – we can help. Use our experienced teams to pack just a few rooms or your entire house.

Leaning toward doing it  yourself? Check out our blog for some great advice on how to do it right.

At LoadALot, we take the stress out of moving. We offer packing, storage, moving and cleaning services. Get an instant quote here.bdoing 

packing boxes for your move